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Is your business facing a challenge? Do you require a fast solution to keep up with your competitors or a rapidly developing market? Our team of tech-savvy business analysts stands out from the competition. It stands out by combining cross-industry expertise, corporate vision, and business strategy. We use our proven adaptability, and an efficient Agile approach to make sure our clients strategically execute their vision accurately. We have 20+ years of experience in business applications in all kinds of industries. Here are a few industries in which we excel and show our proven track record.

wholesale and distribution

Wholesale and distribution

The Wholesale Industry is increasingly affected by chain integration and rapidly converting into an OMNI channel market. The industry has multiplied, and due to online opportunities, we have started trading internationally at the speed of light. This asks for flexible and scalable core-systems, but often we come across clients with outdated systems. The market changed so fast that traditional ERP systems often lack the flexibility to adapt to these changes. A lot of companies simply didn’t have the opportunity to innovate. But there are lurking risks.

Our solutions help streamline operations and optimise processes for wholesalers and retailers, increasing margins, enhancing customer relationships, and improving the bottom line.

One of our expertises are ERP solutions based on flexible, modern technology stacks are key to success in the ever-shifting, digitally focused wholesale and retail market.

What are the disadvantages of an outdated system?

    • Updates are costly or sometimes even impossible. 
    • the framework or the programming language is outdated, developing functionalities is hard.
    • Workarounds are needed, creating spaghetti IT.
    • and therefore, the direct and indirect costs continue to rise.

Meet your customer and consumers’ demand for an online, multi-device, and 24×7 service’ requirements. Choose our flexible and scalable solutions, it can handle any business challenge, no matter the size of it.


Digital transformation has a massive impact on you as manufacturer. It is an internationally growing market with a supply chain from orders coming in, manufacturing, the brand new product rolling off the conveyor belt, and the shipment to the client. And on top of that, industrial manufacturers face an ever-increasing degree of personalization. 

To keep up in a competitive (global) market, all steps need to be processed fast, correctly, and continuously. That’s why manufacturers must be able to rely on their business applications and ERP system(s) for efficient production processes, ranging from Engineer-to-Order (ETO) to Make-to-Stock (MTS).

fizor. delivers unique value by combining real industry expertise with technical knowledge. Do you want to innovate, scale, and grow fast? Look at the solutions we previously made, from an ERP-system perfectly linked to all your existing tools, supply chain portals, process optimization, or to an entirely new core.

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manufacturing and wholesale

Real estate

The real estate market is traditionally a market that deals with a lot of paperwork, signatures and strict policies regarding procedures. It’s a legal world with quite specific business challenges.

Real estate management is a demanding, highly customised process.  With daily new issues to address and resident concerns to juggle. But the right management software and IT landscape makes it simple to keep everything running smoothly, automating management details and making the community feel like home, sweet home.

From finances to vendors to everyday maintenance, your real estate management system lets you customize the way you track and manage each of the many aspect of your work.

Fortunately, our colleagues seize every challenge with both hands. We did this for one of the largest real estate company in Canada, resulting in significant efficiency gains and savings at this organization. How did we do this? By optimizing the whole process. We have reduced the process from 24 to only 4 days. This is almost a three-week saving we achieved for our client. It’s valuable time now spent on innovation and optimization.And thanks to the digital process documents can no longer get lost or be filed incorrectly. And all the information is stored in one place.  

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Solutions for Mid-Sized Businesses

As your business grows, so does your operations. The right applications can automate processes, cut costs, and increase transparency. Our solutions are  tailored to your needs, so you can take your business to the next level.

We deliver our customers a decrease in overhead, better accountability, and increased efficiency. This translates to cost-savings of up to 200%.
For instance giving your empolyee’s the right tools. Seamlessly connect your employees with a single sign-on system. A custom application can handle all of their communication, reporting, and work functions, all in one place.

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