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each business application we design is created, bespoke, for your unique purposes.

We provide the bridge between business and IT to allow you to get on with what’s important; monetising those innovations and expanding the reach of your brand. All applications created by fizor. are mobile-enabled, sustainable and ISO certified, making them fit for purpose on businesses of all shapes and sizes. If you’re not investing in creating a future for your business with scalable and agile applications, then you won’t stay ahead for long.

business management solutions for the business challenges you face.

For the modern business, it’s no longer enough to keep up with your competitors. Reaching out further, achieving more and embracing new ventures and business models is a must to succeed in an increasingly overcrowded market. How can businesses reach that next level and achieve their full potential? With better innovation, efficiency and agility.
fizor. provides all these things with our innovative approach to business application design, offering businesses a brand-new method of implementation that makes deployment effortless.


our business applications services provide:

  • High-quality deployment functionalities for new businesses
  • Streamlined approaches to traditional business models, allowing you to go from innovation to pilot in next to no time
  • Versatile sustainability-focused technology designed to evolve alongside your agile business plans
  • Low or no-code solutions to application team designs, allowing for speedy implementation and effective automation. 

If all of the above sounds like a valuable addition to your business strategy, then fizor. is the company you need to take you to that next level. Get in contact with us today via our contact form to discuss how we can transform the agility of your business into something sleek, innovative and versatile. Success is just one application away.


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Riocan Real Estate Investment Trust
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Our dedicated team are on hand to deliver a live and detailed demo of our services and SuiteApps. Find out first hand how fizor. can transform your accounts payable workflow.

Our live demo includes how to:

  • Fully automate you’re A/P process within NetSuite 
  • Automatically collect your vendor invoices
  • Intelligent OCR invoice data capture
  • Approval workflows in NetSuite 

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