Strategizing, designing and developing powerful business applications, that is what we love and do best! We take you from complexity to clarity, solving your most complex business challenges through vision, strategy and implementation.


Our solutions are built for one purpose and one purpose only, meeting 100% of your specific business process requirements. We are fully committed to transform your specific business needs into (your) unique business applications.

low-code / no-code
low-code / no-code.

Develop applications up to 8x faster, free your organization from legacy tech constraints and simplify your business application ownership experience, no-code is the answer!

fizor. is. on. a. mission.

We are your business process innovation partner. Where you see challenges, we see opportunities. We design and implement the application landscapes of the future, removing technology and application restraints. Delivering the flexibility and agility so that you can do (and above all can continue to do) what you do best, do business.

fizor. is

business transformation.

We assist our clients throughout their innovation and transformation cycle. Through the fizor. analysis, design, alignment, development and adoption methodology, our business analyst bridge the gap between business and IT.

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fizor. designs

business apps.

We design next level software solutions, transforming your business challenge into bespoke business applications.
Differentiate and Optimize your processes, break free from industry specific software and constraints, and improve business outcomes.

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fizor. implements

next generation ERP systems.

Strategically partnered with Thinkwise, the most innovative and solid no-code ERP and WMS system on the market today, fizor. delivers unparalleled value to Wholesale, Distribution and Manufacturing companies. Future proof your business by removing technology constraints and legacy systems. Your business is ready for the next generation in ERP and WMS systems, Thinkwise.

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the 5 elements of success

the 5 elements of success.

No code / Low code and future proof IT architecture is what we do and love! With over 500 applications deployed across industries and continents, our consultants are perfectly placed to deliver tailored business solutions in the digital era. Our fizor. methodology is as effective as it is proven:

1. analysis.

fizor. analyses your current processes, identifies the bottlenecks and delivers the business case.

2. designs.

fizor. designs the best solution and shows how your processes will flow.

3. alignment.

fizor. defines the technical details and maximizes technology pay-off.

4. development.

fizor. develops your application on the most proven no-code/low-code platforms, including Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service and Betty Blocks. We embrace Agile development with short iterations.

5. adoption.

fizor. believes in partnerships with clients. We stay involved during and after your implementation, ensuring your business experiences maximum benefits.

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