Posted on December 18, 2020

Casestudy: Building the “I was here app” app for Covid-19 regulations

Free download for registering visitors

2020 is full of unexpected challenges. Many of these are side-effects of Covid-19 which have forced us all to adapt. Even now, many industries still have a lot of new things to think about. Locations now need to track their visitors and ask about their health. Additionally, they need to be able to provide this information to municipal health services so they can use it to track down people who might be affected.

How it works 

In collaboration with Betty Blocks we have built an application to replace the pen and paper style often used. This increases security of the information of your guests and avoids reuse of possibly contaminated office supplies. It is also ensured that the data will automatically be deleted after 14 days. Finally, the app makes contact tracing easier. 

As a company you just register as an account. You get an unique QR code that you can place at the door or at the table. Customer scan this with their phone and are able to register themselves.  You as vendor ar also able to upload PDF documents visible for you customers like menu’s or pricelists. 

Need for speed

The need for speed was high with the request for development in the beginning of 2020. Restaurants and other locations needed to act fast to be able to comply with the new regulations on a hygienic and efficient way.

In took just 2 days from question, to design to a fully working app.

Free of charge

 As our fouders are entrepreneurs themselves, helping out other entrepreneurs in these crazy times led to the decision this app is free for anyone in need. You can install and download it by clicking on the button below. We now already welcomed all types of company’s as users from sporting facilities to funeral homes and restaurants. 


Some of our users

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