intelligent enterprise resource planning can save you hundreds of hours each year.

Companies using 100% cloud-based accounting realised a 15% year-over-year revenue growth.

Scale and transform your business with our integrated ERP solutions. Our in house development team are dedicated to innovating unique cloud-based enterprise resource planning tools.  To get a real understanding of how our cloud-based ERP solutions can transform your business, contact the fizor. team today. 

intelligent enterprise resource planning can save you hundreds of hours each year.

industries we specialize in:

wholesale & distribution
wholesale & distribution.

Efficiency and automation are crucial components of any wholesale company. 
Our cloud-based ERP solutions are designed to support and optimise resource planning to allow wholesale companies to operate with confidence.

profesional services
profesional services.

fizor. offers innovative tailor-made cloud-based solutions that facilitate increased productivity for professional service providers. 
Our bespoke ERP solutions allow service providers to streamline their front and back-end office activities, increasing profitability and productivity.

media and advertising
media and advertising.

Netsuite and fizor. offer solutions and packages designed specifically for media agencies, advertising agencies and publishers. 
These bespoke solutions provide media and advertising companies the technology and functionality that is a must-have in this demanding industry.

software and tech
software and tech.

The technology and IT industry will be among the top five fastest-growing industries over the next decade. Technology companies must embrace an ERP solution that can scale with their organisation and meet the companies growing demands. fizor. offers bespoke cloud-based solutions, designed and developed to scale with the fastest-growing industries.


The industrial and manufacturing industry relays on sophisticated technology and machinery that demands consistent improvement. 
A flexible and scalable ERP system is an essential component to meet these critical and demanding requirements.

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fizor. SuiteApps.

fizor. is official NetSuite partner for the development of SuiteApps.
Our Business Applications are certified as Built For NetSuite and are available through 


fizor. A/P finance studio. 

automate your AP process within NetSuite

When it comes to business, time is money; this is especially true for the A/P Process. Our A/P Finance Studio converts your manual invoice handling process in to an automated and streamlined process directly within NetSuite. 

Our innovative invoice scanner automatically collects your invoices from an email account or network location. Once collected the optical character recognition captures all invoice header & line item information. All critical accounting information is directly validated against your NetSuite master-data which in turn triggers the appropriate A/P workflows. Processing your vendor invoices and clearing them for payment has never been easier or more efficient. 


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fizor. business consultants have a wealth of experience across finance departments.
Get your demo booked today and learn how fizor. finance studio converts your operations delivering unparalleled A/P efficiency in NetSuite.  

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automate your invoicing process with fizor finance studio.

Our innovative invoice scanner will automatically pick up invoices directly from an email account, or, you can input invoices manually. As the invoices are received our template free optical character recognition captures all invoice header & line item information. Our system then hands this critical accounting information directly to the OCR Validation inside Netsuite that in turn triggers the NetSuite AP department workflows.

  • How does fizor. collect and receive invoices?

    There are three primary methods of invoice collection used by finance studio.

    1. finance studio can collect the invoices directly from an email account. 
    2. a user has the option to upload the invoice directly into finance studio manually.
    *** Original doc states 3 routes but then details given only show 2 

  • Which invoice file formats are accepted by finance studio? 

    Our finance studio supports invoices delivered in: PDF JPEG PNG

  • How long does it take for an invoice to become visible within Netsuite following the finance studio processing? 

    Thanks to the direct integration between finance studio and Netsuite, incoming invoices are visible immediately.

  • Does Netsuite automatically recognise suppliers?                 

    Yes. finance studio scans the incoming invoice and validates the data found on the invoice against your key accounting data found in your Netsuite data set.

  • Is all the billing information on the invoice recognised by finance studio?

    The technology behind finance studio will recognise the following:

    Invoice number

    Invoice date
    The expiry date of the invoice
    VAT registration number
    Total taxable value
    Gross invoice amount
     Rate of VAT  

  • How long does it take to implement fizor financial studio into NetSuite?

    Our dedicated support and onboarding team will take you from purchase to operational within 48 hours.

  • What is the cost of fizor finance studio?

    We price our ERP solutions based on contract duration. Contact our team for a personalised quote.

certified partners.

Oracle NETSUITE Partner.

Our expertise within NETSUITE allow us to implement ERP solutions directly into our clients infrastructure. Our ERP solutions are always in sync with the latest NETSUITE developments.

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  • Fully automate you’re A/P process within NetSuite 
  • Automatically collect your vendor invoices
  • Intelligent OCR invoice data capture
  • Approval workflows in NetSuite 

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