fizor. breaks down the complexities involved with modern business.

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real business expertise proven across multiple industries


setting the new standard.

We specialise in creating high-quality, automation-focused business applications that go above and beyond for the brands we work with.


value creation.

Our cloud-based systems are developed to facilitate rapid business growth and provide a launching pad for innovations that more traditional methods can’t accomplish.


clarity & transparency.

Our results are proof that our low code business applications don’t just do what they say on the tin; they provide the push your business needs to achieve those next steps with solutions that work.


delivered as promised.

As experts in the industry, we offer our clients the ability to move with the times, instead of pushing against change

meet the leadership team.


van de Bospoort

Founder & CEO



Managing Director Global

We optimalize processes

Feeling stuck in processes? Can’t seem to find the right tools for your organization, or can’t get a grip on untouched potential? Let us take you from complexity to clarity. Eliminate unnecessary complex processes, and allow your organization to grow. We can solve your most complex business challenges.

We help organizations with IT innovation

Grow your business exponentially by design, strategy, and transforming for results. This is what we love and do best for our clients worldwide. With our team of experts, we continuously develop, launch, evaluate, and optimize. We did this for the City of Bellevue and Riocan; how can we help realize your business solution?

We build applications

Develop applications and business software up to 8 times faster. Save time and money, and feel liberated from legacy tech with no-code and low-code. We create business solutions whereby ease of use is paramount. Rely on a team of developers and experts. We listen, build, and define so you can operate successfully.