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automated invoice processing

Seamlessly integrated with every back-end application (EnterpriseOne, NetSuite, AFAS, UNIT4, Microsoft, SAP, NextWorld) our Accounts Payable Automation solution converts the manual and paper-based vendor invoice processing in to a streamlined and digital flow. From OCR data capture, automated approval workflows (mobile) on to auto-matching and extensive reporting.


bank reconciliation automation.
(statements & remittances)

Enjoy accurate and real time insights into your cash position by automatically processing your bank statements and remittance advices. Financial documents are automatically collected, recognized and processed. Only exceptions will have to handled, converting current entry and processing tasks into value added activities.


vendor management portals.

Optimize vendor relations and drive process efficiency with fizor. vendor portals. Portals provide 24x7 access to vendors to collect PO’s, submit invoices, check invoice and payment status and update vendor information.


hours & holiday registration app.

Enable your workforce to simply enter project hours, put in holiday requests and manage expenses directly from their mobile devices or desktop app. Fully integrated to your back-end systems, cutting back in manual data entry and faulty registrations.

featured projects.

RIOCAN Real Estate Investment Trust

RIOCAN is one of Canada’s largest real estate investment trusts, with a total enterprise value of approximately $15.0 billion. RIOCAN owns, manages and develops retail- properties located in prime areas where Canadians want to shop, live and work. The portfolio is comprised of 220 properties with an aggregate net leasable area of approximately 38.4 million square feet including residential rental and 14 development properties. RIOCAN partnered with fizor. to design an application which efficiently manages lease contracts. For RIOCAN this means their deal approval workflow went from 24 days back to 4 days.

From lead to lease in one single workflow

Efficiently managing the lead to lease process can be a challenge for any organization lending out commercial real estate, especially when taking comprehensive internal workflows into account. RIOCAN was especially challenged with the process cycle time, taking nearly 24 days for a lease contract to reach final approval. The ability to shorten the timeframe between real estate viewing and signed lease contracts would have a significant impact on RIOCAN’s portfolio managers. fizor. designed a comprehensive deal approval workflow, seamlessly integrated with their enterprise backend system, Oracle JD Edwards.

Seamlessly integrated with Oracle JD Edwards E1

Efficiency is truly gained when your data flows are designed correctly. fizor. designed an application that takes all contact data directly from RIOCAN’s core ERP system, ensuring there is no double data entry or data maintenance. Project, site and portfolio managers enrich the information as the prospective tenant views, negotiates and signs the lease. 

All digitally and from within a single platform. RIOCAN’s internal approval workflows are now initiated, taking the lease contract to the appropriate executives for approval. 

During the entire cycle the relevant data is directly updated in JD Edwards E1, ensuring RIOCAN’s management has the security of a single source of truth when it comes to reporting and forecasting.

The City of Bellevue

The City of Bellevue, a municipal corporation of the State of Washington, is the fifth largest city in Washington State, with an estimated population of 145,300 (2019). Bellevue is the high-tech and retail center of the Eastside, with more than 150,000 jobs and a downtown skyline of gleaming high-rises.

Long waits & partial information

The City of Bellevue, as a Municipality, works with a wide variety and vast number of suppliers. Vendor relations are of vital importance, whether you are in the public, private or non-profit sector. However, efficiently managing and maintaining good relations can be challenging. Typically, supplier queries come in by phone and email, consuming valuable time from staff to collect and provide accurate updates. Doing so timely adds to staff workload, however, is vital to maintaining good relationships.

Vendor Management made easy!

Our fizor. team designed a comprehensive Vendor Management Portal, tailored to the City’s very own process challenges. The Vendor Portal streamlines the vendor management process and communication through one single application.

Vendors are provided with 24×7 access to their individual communication portal with the City, making it easy and efficient for them to access their information. Vendors can directly upload their invoices to the City, can check up on invoice and payment status and can quickly submit information change requests on contact details. I.e. address changes, banking information can be changed and then enters an approval workflow.

Additional functions include vendor FAQ’s and downloadable content. An efficient way for the City to answer frequently asked questions and provide updates to their vendors in a single go.

Flexible, scalable & sustainable

Keywords for any application fizor. delivers. The Vendor Management Portal can easily be scaled across growing vendor volumes, without impacting costing. Making for a great business case. It is a flexible as you might expect from no-code/low-code, it can be changed on the fly to enrich functionality and enhance the user experience. Without having to add any code to meet future requirements and with full back-end integrations with EnterpriseOne, fizor. delivered a sustainable application that will grow with the City’s needs for years to come.