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Designing and building smart software


We build smart solutions. Helping customers with standard software for specific processes. From core systems to individual applications.  Achieving your results with the right bespoke software.

fizor. is distinct in its ability to meet every specific need and assist organization to overcome their business challenges independent from the software solution.

Our team of tech-savvy business analysts stands out from the competition by combining cross-industry expertise, corporate vision, and business strategy. We leverage our consultants’ combined experience, proven adaptability, and efficient approach to ensure our clients strategize and execute their vision accurately. fizor. harnesses the knowledge generated through our years as business consultants into developing intelligent and bespoke business applications using our established 5 step approach. We are platform and tooling independent giving us the possibility to give you the best advice possible. 

We optimalize processes

Feeling stuck in processes? Can’t seem to find the right tools for your organization, or can’t get a grip on untouched potential? Let us take you from complexity to clarity. Eliminate unnecessary complex processes, and allow your organization to grow. We can solve your most complex business challenges.

We help the business with IT innovation

Grow your business exponentially by design, strategy, and transforming for results. This is what we love and do best for our clients worldwide. With our team of experts, we continuously develop, launch, evaluate, and optimize. We did this for the City of Bellevue and Riocan; how can we help realize your business solution?

We build applications

Develop applications up to 8 times faster. Save time and money, and feel liberated from legacy tech with no-code and low-code. We create business solutions whereby ease of use is paramount. Rely on a team of developers and experts. We listen, build, and define so you can operate successfully.

How do we do it ?​

Designing and building no-code / low-code application or future proof IT architecture is what we do and love! With over 500 applications deployed across industries and continents, our consultants are perfectly placed to deliver tailored business solutions in the digital era. Our fizor. methodology is as effective as it is proven:

1. analysis.

fizor. analyses your current processes, identifies the bottlenecks, and delivers the business case. Want to learn more? Check out our IT Strategy and Business Consulting page.

2. designs.

fizor. designs the best solution and shows how your processes will flow. Let your business application do the work, not you. Check out our Business Application page to learn more.

3. alignment.

fizor. defines the technical details and maximizes technology pay-off. Technology and operational excellence are like a symbiotic relationship. Take a look at our Business Process Optimisation page to see how we did this for other companies.

4. development.

fizor. designs the best solution and shows how your processes will flow. fizor. develops your application on the best suitable platform, including no-code and low-code platforms. We embrace Agile development with short iterations.

5. adoption.

fizor. believes in partnerships with clients. We stay involved during and after your implementation, ensuring your business experiences maximum benefits.

Learn more about the projects we’ve built in our knowledgebase.