fizor. breaks down the complexities involved with modern business.

business consultancy.

real business expertise proven across multiple industries.

fizor. is distinct in its ability to meet every specific need and assist clients to overcome their business challenges.

Our team of tech-savvy business analysts stand out from the competition by combining cross industry expertise, corporate vision and business strategy. We leverage on our consultants’ combined experience, proven adaptability and efficient approach to ensure our clients strategize and execute their vision accurately. fizor. harnesses the knowledge generated through our years as business consultants into developing intelligent and bespoke business applications using our established 5 step approach.

business consultancy services.



fizor. analyses your current processes, identifies the bottlenecks and delivers the business case.

Optimizing critical business processes and effectively managing your data holds potential business advantages. When processes don’t flow and data is siloed, your applications and software are no longer working for you, but against you.

fizor. helps identify your bottlenecks and the disconnects between business requirements and IT. The results? A clear-cut AS IS situation and the potential to improve business outcomes through process optimizations, innovation and re-designing business processes.



fizor. designs the best solution and shows how your processes should flow.

Organizations are constantly evolving and keeping up with market dynamics to match or exceed the competition. As goals and strategies change, so do business processes. fizor. designs the optimal process flows. Wat is your TO BE state? How is this different from the current situation? What are the gaps and what possibilities are there?

fizor. designs the optimal solution. We show how business processes should be structured and how data should be managed. Together with you, we define and realize your goal.



fizor. defines the technical details and maximizes technology pay-off

Technology holds infinite possibilities, today there are few challenges that cannot be overcome. At the same time, making sensible decisions is of unabated importance.

fizor. defines the technical details of the solution. Which systems can be re-used? To what applications do we integrate and when is data synchronized with your system of record?

With a wealth of experience with enterprise applications, fizor. knows how to optimally align systems of record, systems of differentiation and systems of innovation. Delivering a solid foundation for a successful and future proof IT architecture, for today and years to come.



fizor. develops your application on the best suitable platform, including Oracle Visual Builder and Betty Blocks. We embrace Agile development with short iterations.

Great solution designs and architectures are nothing without great developers! In sprints of two weeks our in-house no-code scrum team develops your business application. Collaboration between business and IT remains essential. Our fizor. business analysts are in control and involve your team through short iterations. Ensuring we deliver on time and on scope.



fizor. believes in partnerships with clients. We stay involved during and after your implementation, ensuring your business experiences maximum benefits.

fizor. measures project success based on the adoption of our applications. After all, our applications only contribute to the success of your business outcomes if they are used. Our team focuses on an optimal adoption of our applications. How does the application work in practice? How are we impacting the intended business goals?

fizor. stays involved during and after your implementation. We help you get started and transfer our knowledge. We monitor how you use the application and ensure we keep improving. Our customers are assured of solutions that continue to meet business demand.