Technology and operational excellence are like a symbiotic relationship. For sustainable growth, they must be in perfect harmony and support each other. A growing organization depends on reliable and affordable technology. And technology, on the other hand, depends on the progressiveness of the organization. 

A company must identify ways to make their business processes manageable, with formalized, actionable information about how, and how well, the process is executed. When one of these elements is not in place, the growth of your organization will stagnate. 

No matter the scenario you are facing, you must be able to rely on excellent processes and systems that always support your organization. Fortunately, at fizor. we have over 25 years of experience in digital transformation and process optimization. We are here to help you. 

We can achieve sustainable and effective process improvement. We do this by combining project management best practices with certain Six Sigma methodologies. Invoicing processes, risk management processes, product delivery processes, vendor management processes, and order processing. We have seen them all.

Achieving results like:

  • Speeding up a process cycle up to eight times faster.
  • Reducing costs within a process with 49,3%.
  • Reducing AP processing time by 73,9%.

Business process digitalisation

In digital transformation, we convert all non-digital or manual processes (and often also inefficient processes) to a digital solution. Or replacing older digital technology with newer digital technology. Bringing these processes together will give you several advantages.

  • By bringing processes together in a system, there will be fewer weak spots. The core of your organization is more secure.
  • IT maintenance is easier and more efficient.
  • Collaboration between colleagues and teams is easier.
  • Your IT fits your organization like a glove; you are ready to scale. 
  • Process cycle time will decrease drastically 


Especially for enterprises or growing organizations, it can be challenging to find the right core systems. They are expensive, and there are many dependencies within, and often also outside the organization. You want to prevent downtime and problems, but at the same time, you are looking for a sustainable solution in which you can continue to grow safely. 

fizor. can help you find the best solution. Want to know more about the clients we have helped before? 


Cost reduction

Did you know that optimizing your processes can save you a lot of money? Many organizations doubt the costs; they are already dealing with multiple software packages and spending recurring maintenance costs on outdated technology that no longer suits the organization. But by examining all those systems and mapping the processes, we can save you a lot of time and money.


Operational Excellence

Besides saving money, digital transformation brings another important advantage. Eliminating unnecessary processes will raise the overall level of operational excellence in your organization. This means better quality for your clients and more time for important things within your organization. Do not Compromise Quality for Efficiency Do you want to have time to innovate? Or to feel more like an entrepreneur instead of being held back in your organization? Let our team help you!


Business Process Innovation

Not only do we like to optimize, we love to innovate. Our agile teams combine the best methods in agile development, with the user at the center of every decision. We always think and function like your business innovation partner.