IT strategy and business consulting.

Are you looking for a reliable partner that can offer you the best solution for your organization? Not someone who just compares some tools and takes work off your hands, but someone who can raise the bar. Someone that ensures that your organization will operate at an excellent level and focuses on maximum results.

Then you have come to the right place.

Our Business Analysts

Our colleagues handle all kinds of complicated processes. We step back and look at the bigger picture of your organization from a different angle. We put ourselves in your shoes and give the best advice so you won’t be left with cryptic and unclear strategies.

We work in an agile way, which means that we work with a transparent roadmap, break down hierarchical lines, work efficiently, and quickly deliver results.

Lean six sigma consultants

At fizor. we love innovative IT, but in the end, this is only part of the solution. To raise your organization to the highest level of excellence, you must reconsider all organization processes. Driven and ambitious lean six sigma consultants are working at fizor. They can help you improve and optimize processes from A to Z. 

Our consultants work in an agile way, which means:

  • Clear roadmap, divided into short sprints. Which means continuous delivery of results.
  • The teams are divided based on expertise and projects; we break taboos based on hierarchy.
  • In addition to continuously delivering results, we also regularly discuss and optimize the collaboration within the teams.
  • The team is, and feels, responsible for the best solution. 
  • The team is extremely result-driven. 

Solution Architects

A solution architect is one of the most extensively deployable consultants we have. They can outline all business processes, including the dependencies and optimization options. They can map the entire IT infrastructure, and develop the best solution there is. A solution architect can solve problems and make your business run more smoothly.

Would you like to present a challenge to one of our architects? No problem! They love to help.