Successful digital transformation: how to make it happen

Innovating your systems to create your signature dish

Why do companies need digital transformation? Well, to meet your clients’ – constantly changing – needs and wishes, to stay ahead in an uninterruptedly changing world, and to become more scalable, effective, and cost-efficient. Don’t become a Blockbuster, a Kodak, or a Nokia – be agile, innovate and add value. 

But first things first. Let’s dive a little deeper into this definition. What is digital transformation, and how can you utilize this as a fast-growing organization? 

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Good marketing plan is crucial for businessmen who want to develop their businesses. This service includes marketing research, analysis and creating marketing plan where you will see all the directions where to lead your business and which goods and services it’s more profitable to produce. We will show you how to decrease your expenses, find distribution channels and give advice about price policy.

Marketing plan is able to boost your business and make it profitable with minimal costs. This plan requires fresh view at the market, product and competitors, and the right decisions.

Some say the marketing plan is dead: the world just moves too fast. Just throw stuff out there; it will all work out. Successful business owners know their good customers, their bad customers, and their mediocre customers. They know more about their competitors than their competitors know about themselves. They never stop gathering information that will help them succeed in the marketplace. They use this information to reach new customers, retain existing customers, and grow their overall customer base.

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What is digital transformation, what do you need to make it happen, and what will it bring?

Digital transformation is outlining your business’ goals and processes, mapping your company’s vision for the future and ensuring your systems carry you through and towards all of the above. 

Digital transformation occurs on various levels: organization-wide, within one department, or in certain processes or workflows run by multiple divisions. It will bring scalability, effectiveness and cost-efficiency, and you need four things to realize it: 

  1. the right mindset;
  2. the right people;
  3. the right solution(s);
  4. and the right partner to guide you.


Also important: in which cases should digital transformation be very high on your agenda? When is it most efficient, and can you reap the benefits? in other words:


How can you recognize your need for digital transformation? 

Digital transformation is vital when you recognize yourself or your organization in one (or more) of the situations below.

  • Is your organization cost-efficient?
    Are the total costs of your (digital) systems, software, and applications, including underlying processes and maintenance, still in sync with the benefits?. Understanding the TCO (total cost of ownership) is essential: ask yourself whether your workflows and processes can be better and more cost-efficient. 
  • Are daily tasks still handled on paper, and are critical processes run on outdated software, such as Excel?
  • Can you take advantage of innovations pro-actively? Or are you limited by current systems when you want to integrate (the best) functionalities for your customers? Is the world changing faster than your organization can react to and do you feel like you’re stuck in second gear?
  • Are you using your systems to their full potential? Or only using 10% while paying for 100%? Tailoring your systems to your business’ needs may seem expensive – but is it, really? 
  • Are your systems, applications, and portals supporting your business goals? Do processes go rogue due to limitations in current systems? When current systems control and even change your processes, rather than support your ideal way of working, digital transformation should be high on your agenda.
  • Is your organization still depending on ancient coding language and/or people who can write it for you? 
  • Are data flows inaccurate, or isn’t your organization able to manage data properly? 
  • Do your current systems resemble a plate of spaghetti – where various applications are linked provisionally to make things work ‘for now’? Digital transformation leads to working with streamlined, compatible systems that reinforce each other.

Does any of this sound familiar? Transform!

It is, truly, essential to survive. We’ll give you the information you need to build towards successful digital transformation, to create your own signature dish. The signature dish where everything comes together on one plate and amazes the people eating and wanting to come back for more.and Thatthat brings and preserves your business’ right to exist, keeps you up to speed, and results in leaving competitors who fail to digitally transform in your wake.

How do you realize a successful digital transformation?

Which ingredients do you need to create your signature dish? And, more importantly, in which order? Let’s elaborate!

The right mindset is crucial – that’s where it all starts. You need to get energized by the thought of new opportunities and possibilities and look forward to change. You need agility in all teams, systems, processes and the company as a whole.

Once the mindset-box is ticked, it’s important to gather the right people. You need a Management Team that recognizes the need for innovation, creates momentum for a new IT strategy and is willing to implement it. The next step of the journey is to let Process Analysts (external analysts who take a close look at your organization and identify bottlenecks) and Solution Architects (external problem solvers who craft a solution based on the analysis) do their job. 

Once the right solution for your business has been composed, you need Developers to build it. And to ensure a smooth overall process, you need agile Project Managers and Change Managers who prepare the business for the change to come – and roll it out when ready.  This does not have to be expensive and complicated; by looking closely at the organization and including people, you can create a team of dedicated people to realize your digital transformation. 

Finally, in order to make a digital transformation fun rather than overwhelming, you need the right partner. You need a partner you can trust, who loves innovation and strives for change. A partner who is independent and impartial, because digital systems and applications are the lubricating oil of a business – and all organizations require a unique recipe. To us, it doesn’t matter which system, application, or platform would be your best match. But we will find it for you. We can help you create your signature dish.


One of the most important things digital transformation brings is scalability. With a set of digital systems and applications tailored to your company’s needs, you will achieve (and keep achieving) important business goals. You ensure your organization meets the clients’ wishes, which leads to growth. And, bonus: you will always be one step ahead in a competitive landscape.   

In addition to that, transforming digitally will boost the effectiveness of workflows across the board. How? It enables employees to complete tasks without being held back by limited or unfitting systems. It creates the freedom for all employees to be creative, to experiment, and to think big. 

And last, but definitely not least: having your ideal digital systems in place is cost-efficient. Legacy systems may seem cheaper, but you often end up using only a tenth of what you’re paying for. Digital transformation is an investment right now, but it will be cost-efficient in the long run. 

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