Your partner in every assignment

Are you an organization that faces a business challenge, a new assignment, and are you looking for a partner to team up with? At fizor. we like to accompany you. We bring excellent expertise in the IT field and knowledge about the best processes within an organization. With our passionate team, we have been advising companies and organizations for over 25 years.

Enterprise Architecture

Your organization's enterprise architecture is critical for achieving your company’s vision. Today’s demands require an architecture that is highly scalable, agile, flexible, and cloud-ready. Whether you need some expertise for fine-tuning your current architecture, or you need assistance with a complete overhaul, we are here to help. Our team of experienced analysts, enterprise architects, strategists, designers, and developers help companies navigate the chaos, improve performances, and accomplish their visions.

Alignment business and IT

To grow sustainably technology and business processes must be in harmony. Are you looking for a partner who can work out how these two elements interact and who knows how IT works in organizations?

A partner who analyses the organization on strengths, processes, and IT, and who has a clear vision of what can be improved? Then you have come to the right place.

At fizor. we provide practical advice on the most complex processes and organizations so you can grow responsibly and safely.


Development Roadmap?

Are you going to start a new project? And do you need a roadmap? Thanks to our IT and software expertise, combined with our agile working method, we are the perfect partner to help you with this.

We create a long-term roadmap, lay out what it is you need to complete this project successfully, work out costs, and a realistic timeline. This helps us to divide the roadmap into feasible and reliable sprints.

Roadmap Microservices

Some projects are too big to tackle at once. There are too many dependencies, your organization must continue to run and you want to split the project into clear sub-projects. This is no problem for fizor. we ensure that you can continuously develop and innovate without affecting the core business or systems.

Request for proposal

Did you get a great RFP, but not enough time to get started? Are you looking for a technical partner who is thinking along with you about the best solution, regardless of the software provider? 

We are happy to help. At fizor. we find our challenge in the most complex requests. We look for the best solution, which is also affordable and efficient.


Selection processes

Are you on the other side of the process? Have you written an RFP, and are you looking for a partner who can help you make the right choice?

Give us a call, and we’ll dive into the RFP immediately.

Your partner in your IT-solution

Do you want to liberate yourself from rigid legacy software that is slowing you down? At fizor. we deal with these challenges daily. Your result is what counts. That is why we search for opportunities that fit your organization like a glove. We assure you that you will not be stuck with legacy and inflexible systems. That is why we don’t focus on the type of software to use, but on the solution that fits your organization best.

Enterprise System 'Health Checks'

Are you satisfied with your IT systems, but are you unsure whether it is future-proof? Do you want to make sure that there are no weak spots, or can arise? Then we can help you by checking the system, your processes, and growth plans. During this low-threshold audit, we perform several ‘health checks’. We work this out in a practical report and advice, which you can use immediately.

Which platform to build on?

Like any business decision, choosing the right platform to build your business on should be made carefully and after considering the different strengths of various options. By choosing the right platform, you achieve an advantage over the competition. 

A bespoke platform, commercially off the shelf or best of both? What are your requirements and how can you translate these needs into the right choice? 

When choosing a platform, don’t just think about your needs for today. Think about how you want to grow, expand, and improve your business in the coming years. This re-emphasizes the need to build on a strong foundation: the choices you make now will impact how you can grow in the future.  

We are determined to find the right tailor-made solution for you with our years of experience in using the right technologies.