JD Edwards EnterpriseOne application solutions 
Seamlessly connected IT landscape driving your business.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne can do a lot for a company. It’s packed with features and functionality bordering an all-in-one solution. Yet despite the many possibilities, there are some business driven gaps to fill.

Cookie-cutter solutions don’t fit one-of-a-kind processes, nor does a standard ERP system fit every business’ needs. So get in touch to talk about your JD Edwards solutions!


The  problems we solve with JD Edwards

Just like any company requires a different approach to Enterprise Resource Planning solutions, the problems faced by companies differ greatly too. Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to solve problems of varying shapes and sizes, ranging from minor hiccups to seemingly insurmountable issues. However, regardless of nature, we’ve been able to face them with confidence rooted in experience, knowledge and guts.

This is what we do:

  1. Create purpose-built apps tailored to your business like remittance advice scanning or vendor management portals. 
  2. Provide fully integrated mobile solutions. 
  3. Support Back-to-Basic strategies.
  4. Realize easy to work with finance solutions.
  5. By creating the right IT landscape we lower the TCO of JD Edwards.
  6. Fill the gaps for your business in your IT landscape.

All seamlessly connected to your JDE. We understand your business requires anything but standard systems. Combining JD Edwards EnterpriseOne with a low-code platform offers a solution. Let fizor. help you create a low-code JD Edwards ERP system that fits your business to the teeth. Quik, user friendly and durable – to overcome any issue you run into time and time again. 

Example please

Our approach to Back-to-Basic projects draws from extensive experience and relies on removing customization in order to return to JD Edwards as much as possible. The result? A user friendly and  uncluttered ERP system ready to make any business flourish.  Want to read more? Download the whitepaper on the 7 reasons to combine JD Edwards with low-code.

our strengths

Why organizations choose us
We offer our clients over 15 years of experience working with JD Edwards. This includes professional advice as well as solid development and implementation. Drawing from Orchestrator knowledge, automation know-how and unparalleled practical experience, we make sure your JDE ERP system allows for further growth and smart processes.

We are 8 to 24 times faster. Guaranteeing a fast delivery and commit ourselves to the deadlines we set.

Software independent

We only work with Forrester and Gartner registered partners. We help you choose the best low code platform for your purpose.

The Best team

Our team has the perfect mix for every project. With the right development or project managent skills and industry specific knowledge.

Transparant in Costs

With fixed price agreements we are fully transparent in costs and dedicated for delivery.

Aside from the experience and knowledge we bring to the table, we pride ourselves in our outstanding customer service. Your company is our business so whatever problems you run into, we are here to help and offer advice and proper resources.

Let's talk about Your Project

Please feel free to contact us for details!  Or leave your number so we can contact you. If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them and talk to you about our services!