future proof your business.

enterprise-grade applications at an unparalleled time to market and business in the lead.

why no-code/low-code? to.design. business.outcome.

Innovation comes in many sizes and shapes. It can be as tangible as re-designing your current processes, optimizing your business outcome and replacing legacy systems no longer aligning with your business needs. Others consider innovation as disruptive, re-inventing your business, coming up with new business models and ventures. Whatever the essence of innovation is to you, it is essential in staying ahead of your competition.

Designing and developing business applications which contribute to improving your business outcomes are a vital part of your innovation process. fizor. is the only no-code/low-code specialist that combines substantive expertise with specific domain knowledge, innovative solutions and cross platform experience including Oracle Visual Builder and Betty Blocks.


up to 8x faster.

Our clients experience an unprecedented software delivery model, up to 8x faster compared to traditional development codes. fizor. can automate your key business processes in days, compared to weeks or even months. Driving change and unleashing your business potential as you can adapt and change on your terms, with simplicity, speed and agility.


break free..

break free.. fizor. simplifies your business application ownership experience by providing an easier and more efficient platform for enterprises to extend their core functionality. Seamlessly integrated with your core enterprise systems, no code delivers our clients:
― Extra value from existing back-end systems
― Integrated application landscapes
― Flexibility to change process as and when they need to


seamlessly integrated.

Our applications seamlessly integrate with your core applications, with fizor. adaptors for i.e. Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Unit4, AFAS. Full scalability is delivered with webservices for Slack, Salesforce, Mailchimp, HubSpot and more!


fast, flexible, fun data.

Each unique business application comes with its own unique data model. Thanks to visual data modelling with a drag-and-drop interface (making code redundant), possibilities are endless. Creating complex data models has never been easier and more efficient.


your own unique UX.

fizor. applications deliver unique users experiences. Each and every application we deliver is completely tailored to your organizations front end requirements. Updates have never been faster, with the drag, drop and done approach.


secure, reliable, cloud

Enterprise-grade applications are our standard. With 99,99% uptime you can rest assured, we offer you a worry-free cloud application infrastructure on AWS, Azure or Google Cloud.

Gartner and Forrester on low-code/no-code

Gartner: Named a Visionary in Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms

Forrester: Betty Blocks is named as Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave, Low-Code Platforms.