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As fizor. we like to share our knowledge and experiences.

Join our low code webinar series as we show how it enables both business and IT to build enterprise-grade applications.   

fizor. is leader in business application design and implementation and we like to share our experiences. Our first webinar series we will share more on low-code or no-code business application development. Starting with the basics and working towards specific experiences we have when developing and consulting organisations.


Webinar 3

The key considerations for successful launches
January 28 at 1pm EST
  • The key considerations for successfully launching a low-code or no-code application? 
  • Steps to take in managing this project
  • Delivering solution and results

Webinar 5

Combining the fundament of JD Edwards with low-code
February 18 at 1pm EST
  • Why would you combine JD Edwards and low code?
  • Examples
  • IT-landscape

Webinar 4

Wat is low-code en no-code in 30 minuten?
23 februari om 16.00 (Central EU time)
  • Wat is low-code en no-code? Is het een tijdelijke trend of iets blijvends?
  • Voorbeelden uit de praktijk
  • Meest gestelde vragen over dit onderwerp

Webinar 6

Coming soon
coming soon
  • ....
  • ....
  • Examples

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