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Who we are

fizor. is the authority on low-code and no-code application development.We help customers with standard software for specific processes. From core systems to individual applications.  Achieving your results with the right bespoke software.

We have over twenty years of successful experience in the North American and European market.



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What  we do

1. We (re)build software applications

Develop applications and business software up to 8 times faster with low-code. Save time and money, and feel liberated from legacy tech with no-code and low-code. We create business solutions whereby ease of use is paramount. Rely on a team of developers and experts. We listen, build, and define so you can operate successfully. Read more

2. We help organizations innovate

Grow your business exponentially by design, strategy, and transforming for results. This is what we love and do best for our clients worldwide. With our team of experts, we continuously develop, launch, evaluate, and optimize. We did this for the City of Bellevue and Riocan; how can we help realize your business solution? Read more

3. We deliver low-code ERP, WMS and Core systems

Low-Code ERP comes when businesses desperately need the ability to be more agile and use ERP software to differentiate their business. The pace of business and the ability to adjust business models, product mixes, and add higher expectations for customer services has never been so intense. Legacy or old-fashioned ERP systems won’t cut it anymore.

Experts in the  Industries

1. Manufacturing

IT has a massive impact on you as manufacturer. It is an internationally growing market with a supply chain from orders coming in, manufacturing, the brand new product rolling off the conveyor belt, and the shipment to the client. And on top of that, industrial manufacturers face an ever-increasing degree of personalization. Read more

2. Wholesale and Distribution

The Wholesale Industry is increasingly affected by chain integration and rapidly converting into an OMNI channel market. The industry has multiplied, and due to online opportunities, we have started trading internationally at the speed of light. This asks for flexible and scalable core systems, but often we come across clients with outdated systems. The market changed so fast that traditional ERP systems often lack the flexibility to adapt to these changes. Read more

3. Real estate

The real estate market is traditionally a market that deals with a lot of paperwork, signatures and strict policies regarding procedures. It’s a legal world with quite specific business challenges. Real estate management is a demanding, highly customised process.  With daily new issues to address and resident concerns to juggle. But the right management software and IT landscape makes it simple to keep everything running smoothly, automating management details and making the community feel like home, sweet home. Read more

Solutions for Mid-Sized Businesses

As your business grows, so does your operations. The right applications can automate processes, cut costs, and increase transparency. Our solutions are  tailored to your needs, so you can take your business to the next level.

We deliver our customers a decrease in overhead, better accountability, and increased efficiency. This translates to cost-savings of up to 200%. Read more
These are just a few of the industries we work in. Is your business facing a challenge? Do you require a fast solution to keep up with your competitors or a rapidly developing market? Our team of tech-savvy business analysts stands out from the competition.

our strengths

Why organizations choose us

If you are looking for a trusted and experienced partner to help you with decision-making in your business, fizor. is the right choice for you!


We stand for fresh views on business and believe in the need for speed in application development.

Software independent

We strive to use modern technologies and the latest resources that solves your problem.

Experienced Consultants

Every team member has over five years of experience in business.

Solution Defining

When you don’t see the right decision, we are here to show you ones.


Our Knowledgdebase

Recent knowledgeable posts

We like to share with you the latest news and information on what we do best, aligning business and IT. This so you can focus on what you do best and are always ready for the next step !

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