fizor. is distinct in its ability to help clients overcome their challenges in their business transformation.

Our team of business analysts stand out from the competition by combining expertise, corporate vision and advanced business strategy. 
The combined experience of our in house business consultants helps our clients stand out in the most competitive business market places. 
fizor. is able to harness the knowledge generated through our years as business consultants into developing intelligent and bespoke business applications.  



business consultancy services.


There is nothing quite like teamwork. Our consultants bring a wealth of experience to your team and convert your ambitions and strategy in to an executable businessl transformation plan

business requirements definition.

There isn’t a challenge we won’t take you up on. Our expert professionals bring the process, tools and models to change business requirements in to powerful enterprise applications. 


In agile sprints of weeks or even days, our development team brings your vision to life. 


Our team guides you from Minimal Loveable Product (MLP) to scaling your applications and user adoption. 

launch & extend.

Our starting point is always strategy and vision, making sure we never let our clients fall victim to launch and leave. The fizor. launch & extend methodology is all about staying innovative, leveraging your investment and infusing your organization with business process automation.

fizor. training.

accelerate your innovation and build business applications up to 8x faster.
our fizor. training. turns your business analysists in to no-code citizen developers.

low code business applications
my first no-code.

Learn how to maintain and build applications on your low code platform of choice

ERP powered with API data
API master class. 

Learn how to configure and use API's and bridge the gap between siloed applications.

Certified development team
fizor. certified developer.

The most advanced of trainings takes you to the core of no-code and leaves no challenge untaken. Capitalize on no code to the fullest, no compromise.

ready to talk?

awesome companies we have the pleasure to work with.

Alfa accounts en advieseurs
Betty Blocks
Riocan Real Estate Investment Trust
Springbok Agency

request a demo. 

Our dedicated team are on hand to deliver a live and detailed demo of our services and SuiteApps. Find out first hand how fizor. can transform your accounts payable workflow.

Our live demo includes how to:

  • Fully automate you’re A/P process within NetSuite 
  • Automatically collect your vendor invoices
  • Intelligent OCR invoice data capture
  • Approval workflows in NetSuite 

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