Master data management

A Revolution for Integrating Data Management Solutions

Optimize your master data

Master data is crucial for many companies and should be thoughtfully managed. With proper management, the risk of errors is decreased. Since many different applications and purposes rely on master data, a mistake in the data itself can cause problems elsewhere. This low-code data management system is we built is a fast and reliable solution to this problem.

The best MDM system

Point of reference for critical data

Many companies often use various applications and tools (i.e., CRM, PoS) to collect and compile data. However, it’s easy for this data to become disorganized and fragmented. This makes it harder to use the data and to make informed decisions. With proper master data management, companies can reduce the complexities and make data-driven decisions.

Plug and Play

Low-code platforms are a newer, faster way of building unique business applications. We use visual methods to support rapid development, one-step deployment, development, and management of application environments. We create these systems via graphical user interfaces and pre-coded modules instead of traditional hand-coded programming. 

Integrated and secure

The MDM system is fully connected to your current system landscape.  We have experience connecting to all kinds of  ERP or core systems as well as other applications within your IT landscape. We also only work with high grade platforms and tooling that take security seriously.  

How it works

We emphasize on results with each
system we design and develop.

Our talented teams offer our clients various approaches to achieve business results fast and accurate.

01.Identifying your specific needs

In this stage we do a short and efficient analysis on how your processes work or how you want them to work

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02.Using standard blocks

Using standard pre-coded building blocks we are able to act swiftly. Utilizing an agile development, results are visible instantly. 


03.Coding the specifics

Coding the specific requirements where needed we make sure the portal fits your processes and business needs. 

Hours saved
Processes optimized
brands developed
Happy clients

The results

Improve KPI’s across your organization

One source of truth for data and collaboration

Clear and documented data flows

High data quality where your organization can build on

Five key principles  to help build a strong MDM program:

1. Governance and Policies

Directives to manage policies, principles, and organizational bodies. And setting the requirements and standards that the MDM must follow

2. People

Getting the right people, such as data stewards, in the right places

3. Measurement

How is your company performing in relation to outlined goals? And where is more effort needed?

4. Technology

Having the right system in place with the right technology that is secure yet flexible. Including the master data hub and tools.

5. Process

What are the processes, and how does this work with the lifecycle?

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